Support Automation Keep 'em coming back for more...automatically.


Selling is a lot like dating. The first sale or first date is really just a test to see if you'll get a second date. Here are a few of the unwritten test questions your customer will be asking:

  • Will you forget me in the time between signing the contract and delivery?
  • Will you give me support during product adoption?
  • Will you respond quickly and knowledgably to my support requests?
  • Will you anticipate my future needs, based on how you understand me?

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you because, unlike dating, the customer isn't dealing with just one person, but a whole organization that collectively has to understand and woo the customer.


Our cloud based CRM system gives you and everyone in your organization the tools and information they need to keep winning over customers. And it helps make superior customer support AUTOMATIC.

Every contact person in the organization, instantly has access to the customer's full history. So everyone from salespeople, to service centers, management and, yes, EVEN accounting knows the customer's full story and exactly how to treat them. Managers can even decide to expedite a resolution when they see the problem involves a great customer.


Every client action can automatically trigger a follow up response. You just define the parameters and support becomes automatic. If a client has a product failure, opening a support ticket triggers an apology letter from the appropriate executive. A client tries a new product and a thank you email is sent with an e-coupon thank you gift. You can even have eSalesTrack schedule tasks such as setting up a follow up phone call.

Plus, eSalesTrack makes it easy to create any form and drop it directly into your website. Use it to create a contest to build good will or use it to let people vent to get an early jump on resolving a growing problem.

Click here to have one of our relationship management pros show you how to build more and stronger connections to your customers.

eSalesTrack web based Sales Force Automation
helps you in automating all the following tasks with ease:

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Product Management
  • Quota Management
  • Product Catalogs Creation
  • Activity Management
  • Setting up Customizable Dashboards
  • Custom Status Reporting
  • Sales Document Storage
  • Lead Routing
  • Lead Assignment
  • Territory Management
  • Event Calendaring
  • Task Management
  • Partner Tracking
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Process Guide
  • Customization Analytics