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Improving Quality of Products and Services

Improving, or at least maintaining, the quality of services, products, workplace and marketing practices is always to be the first plan for any business success. Often many business managers/owners wonder they provide the same product/service to customers as their competitor do, but the competitor is winning and they are losing. This is just because they lack some thing called ‘dedication for quality’; although the difference will be very minute but it is the deciding factor.

Here are some tips to improving the quality of products and services.

  • Create a long-term plan for quality improvement, break it in to small steps, and then make changes to achieve goals of each step.
  • Give supreme priority of quality in every plans and procedures. Remember, adjusting quality with time, cost or labor can provide temporary benefits but permanently destroy the future.
  • Talk often with your clients. Investigate why they like you, why they are tempting to go to your competitors or what else they expect from you.
  • Talk politely with your employees, especially sales persons, what do they and their clients expect from the company and why company fail to deliver so.
  • Frequently compare your product with your competitors and find out where you are winning and where you are losing.
  • Always look for possibilities to improve your product and service. Carefully analyze every technical/social developments and think how that can help you in your business.

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