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Importance of Business Innovation

Everyone knows the success of Microsoft, Apple’s iPhone and iPod, Salesforce’s CRM software, mobile phones, retail chain stores, Ford cars, so on. All these success are the product of the innovative thoughts behind them. The origin of this thought truly depends on the capacity to think and do different. In any form of business innovation is a strong deciding factor which defines the success of a business.

Many peoples misunderstand innovation as creating a brand new idea or product. But most productive business innovations are which modify existing practices for better results and ideas which sharpens existing strategies and techniques to yield extreme results. Most innovations in business start by simple steps and then evolve to the most successful results. A brand new example is the success of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. A small firm,, started to offer their software as a web service for comparatively small price. By doing this they penetrated to markets including medium-sized companies, which ware out-of-reach for many traditional companies.

The path to innovation starts from the desire to be perfect. Companies who want to optimize their products, sales pipelines, customer service, supporting systems, etc. often comes up with innovative ideas and better results. After all ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.

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