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Major Cause of Data Integration Failure is Lack of Proper Source Data Knowledge

The work-over and patches applied over the minor errors of the database can keep CRM Solution with Data Integration continue working. These attempts can reduce the integrity and quality of database. So the major failure occurs when major date integration has to be carried out. The reason for the failure is the deviation from the prerequisite rules and also due to the lack of knowledge about the source data. Because of these problems most data integration project run on over-budget or fails altogether.

Without proper knowledge, it would be hard for the organization to perform data integration. The different processes will be carried out based upon some assumption and guesses or with outdated knowledge. It occurs, as the database are modified and shared frequently to meet the various business needs.

Due to the lack of proper awareness about the database, they won’t even know if the mapping specifications are correct. They could know it only during the testing, as the working is based on trial and error method. So here when the test fails, the analyst has to start again the whole process of integration from the beginning with different ideas and assumptions. So here the analyst has to go through a series of integration before attaining successful data integration. The major disadvantage of this is that it can increase the cost to hundreds of dollars.

The redundancy in the task through trial and error will reduce the efficiency of the software and increase the total cost. Today, most organizations are trying their best to overcome the mistakes that arise during the data integration and to succeed during the first attempt itself. Thus a proper study of the system can save it from a major disaster or project crash.

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